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Topic Marker, Subject Marker, Object Marker (은/는, 이/가, 을/를) | Korean FAQ

The Subject Marker (이/가), Topic Marker (은/는), and Object Marker (을/를) are the most explained Korean grammar form online (probably... I'm just guessing here). If you search YouTube you can find hundreds of videos from channels as old as YouTube itself explaining how to differentiate these three, and blog posts going back even further than that. It's a well-covered topic.

I've also made several videos about these before. There's a couple of videos in the "Learn Korean" series about these particles. I also have a live stream, and an abridged version teaching about how to use these particles. But it's time for one more. Why?

Because after explaining these particles for years, I've found a few tricks that seem to click better than most that I wanted to share with you. Specifically, I found a good way of explaining the Topic Marker, as well as a good way of explaining how it differs from the Subject Marker. I've also figured out a simpler way of explaining when to use the Object Marker. I've put all of these concepts together into a single video that should be a bit easier to absorb. Hopefully this helps clear things up.

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