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Traditional Korean Hanbok (feat. Minji Teaches Korean) | 한복 체험

Where would you go first if you rented a Hanbok? I wanted to visit some of the palaces in Seoul. This time I met up with my friend Minji from the YouTube channel Minji Teaches Korean. It was both of our first time to wear a Hanbok outdoors, and we had a ton of fun.

The place we went to in this video is called Deoksu Palace (덕수궁), which in my opinion is the prettiest of all the palaces in Seoul.

Renting Hanbok isn't as expensive as I expected, but it's also not that cheap. The prices ranged from $10 to $30 (10,000원 to 30,000원) depending on the style and where you rent them. But to be honest, the $10 ones weren't that pretty and I wouldn't want to even borrow one of those Hanbok because of how simple they looked. However, the $20 and $30 ones looked beautiful, so that's the range we rented.

$20 to $30 isn't that much, but the issue is that rentals only last for a few hours. Ours were 2-hour rentals, so it's just barely enough time to walk around a few temples and take some photos. If you visit only one temple, it's plenty of time (especially if you take a taxi to get there, although we walked). For this video we visited 2 temples, and walked around a lot, and we had just enough time to film and enjoy the time. However, if I were to rent Hanbok again, I'd pick only one temple and spend more time there relaxing.

The experience of renting a Hanbok was fun for several reasons. I explain in the video as well, but it felt like we were celebrities. Tons of people were staring at us as we walked by (but in a good way) and we got a lot of smiles. I even had a Korean lady say "Very pretty!" to me and gave me a thumbs up. I'd never been called "pretty" before in my life, so it was pretty hilarious. Just feeling special was fun enough, and in addition to being able to take some fun photos, it was overall a very fun experience that I'd highly recommend to anyone visiting Seoul.

A bonus - if you go around April during the cherry blossom season, everywhere in the temples looks beautiful.

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