(Updated) A free Hangul typing practice game - New Version

Last month I made a free game for practicing typing Hangul, and I promised to add updates and new features to it. Well, I re-made the entire game from scratch, and improved on every part of it that I could. I'd still like to add more features, if there's interest in the game.

Here's a trailer of the updated game.

It's the year 2020 and the Hangul Aliens have invaded the planet. Fortunately for us, they have a weakness - the modern Korean keyboard. Can you save earth from disaster?

How to play:

Type the letters on your keyboard as they fall from the sky. If you make a mistake, a meteor will fall down. You can shoot meteors with your turret, using the space bar. Any letters or meteors that hit the floor will drain your life.

If you don't know where the keys are on the keyboard, you can press Escape at any time to show an interactive keyboard and pause the game.

Remember that some letters also require the shift key.

There are 5 levels: consonants only, vowels only, consonants and vowels, a master mode, and a words mode. In master mode, letters will continue to fall more frequently and faster over time, making it more difficult the longer you play. There is no time limit in master mode, so try to score as high as you can. In the words mode, words will fall more frequently and faster over time, and there is no time limit; in addition, meteors will only fall if a word touches the ground, so be careful and make sure to type every word completely to avoid losing additional health.

There are also a variety of falling items that you can shoot: health packs will restore some of your health, comets will slow down falling objects temporarily, nuclear bombs will destroy all letters and meteors on the screen, and power ups will increase the speed and effectiveness of your turret.

If you need a refresher on how to play, check out the Tutorial on the main menu.

Download the game here:

Click here to download for Windows.

Click here to download for OSX (Mac).

Click here to download for Linux.

Updated 1/11/2017:

  • New game mode: Words. Meteors fall when letters touch the ground. Completed words give 5 points per letter. Contains 300+ common words.
  • Added a tutorial (in the main menu), along with a new music track.
  • New power-up: Bonus Time. During Bonus Time, all points are doubled.
  • Game window is now re-sizable for both large and small monitors.
  • Bug fix: Weapon power-ups only drop if player is not already at full level.
  • Bug fix: Fixed power-up timers to create a more natural game flow (instead of several dropping at once).
  • Melissa Reply

    Thank you for the game! I spent just a bit of time on it; I can tell that it is already helping me learn the keyboard better!!
    Also, I am enjoying your videos!

  • aubrey Reply

    Really enjoyed your game! Just wondering, what platform did you use to make it?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      I used Godot 2 to make this game.

  • Chrys Reply

    Can you make a version compatible
    with chrome os so I can play it on my chrome book.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Sorry but the game engine I'm using doesn't have a Chrome export option.

  • BUR Reply


  • imjaed2 Reply

    I am a real true beginner and this game is moving to fast for me... I need something that will help me to learn the keyboard first without timing me or at a ridiculously slow speed. Is there anything out there like that? everything seems to be geared towards competition. Race this fast fingers that..but right now I need repetition and a lack of speed.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      You can change the mode in the Options menu to make it easier. Try Vowels or Consonants only first. They're much slower. You can also pause the game with Esc.

  • Steven Reply

    Sorry to say it, but for Mac users learning the keyboard this is NOT good at all. There's no type of speed control so things just come much too quickly. Would've loved this if theres as something like that. Good try and appreciate the effort! I'll keep looking however

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      You can change the game mode in the options menu to make it easier. The "consonants only" and "vowels only" modes are quite slow.

  • William Reply

    You make learning Korean fun, but you make me laugh.

  • Alex Reply

    Hi Billy! i was really excited when i came across this, however, after downloading it, i found out that it is not compatible with windows7 32bit. wish i could have a compatible one for me to use.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      I believe the game engine I use only works with Windows 64bit, but you might be able to try it on a different computer (if you have one).

  • ThisGuy Reply

    How do you open the linux file?

    • Devon Suns Wilson-Baptiste Reply

      To make the file executable (or I guess to give it permission to open?) you need to open the folder that it's in in terminal and type "chmod +x Hangul_Attack_Linux" and then you can start it by typing "./Hangul_Attack_Linux" or just double clicking it

      Also if you move it after that, you don't have to redo the chmod part, you can just double click it

  • Linnea Reply

    Woah! I gamed this for like one hour and suddenly I've memorized the hangul keyboard without even thinking about the fact that I was learning. 감사합니다!

  • Simone Reply

    I like your game a lot.
    But could you add something to turn of the music?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      On Windows you can individually adjust the audio for each application by clicking on your audio settings button. Then you can turn off the sound for just this game.

  • Angela Reply

    it's nice, but when i try to shoot at the meteors, the blasts disappear 70% of the time :'((

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Can you take a screenshot to show me what you mean? I haven't seen that happening before.

  • Jess Reply

    It doesn't work. I have tried twice on my Windows computer. I was excited to be able to use this. I tried it with both vowels and consonants. Basically I type and it acts like I didn't do anything.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong. If you could help me that would be great

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      The game works without any special keyboard, so if you switched to a Korean input it won't be able to read any of the keys. It works with a regular keyboard. You can pause the game and there's an on-screen keyboard you can practice with.

  • jinwho Reply

    잘만드셧어요 ㅎㅎ

  • tubeist- dan Reply

    (Mac version) It's useable for consonants, but add in the vowels and no speed controls, it quickly amounts to frustration; if you're good enough to handle the whole character set when the full speed ramps up (after a minute or so), you really don't NEED typing practice. With non-Mac keyboards F1 doesn't work, and arrow-keys for the turret takes your hands off the main keyboard.

    I'm surprised how little basic pedagogical thought went into this game. Aesthetically, 좋아요 좋아, but not practical.

  • Angela L Bannister Reply

    Are there plans in the near future for a phone app? I really wanted to download this but I'm currently having computer issues.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      It wouldn't work well on phones because most on-screen keyboards cover a lot of the screen. The view would be too small, so I didn't develop a phone version. But I'm working on a new game currently which will be compatible with phones.

  • Emalie Reply

    This is a really cool way to learn the korean keyboard. Just one thing, could you maybe give us a mute button? Because I like listening to my own music in the background while playing games. Thank you for your hard work!

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      I believe on Windows you can individually adjust the audio of each application by clicking on your audio settings button.

  • Lottie Reply

    This is beyond awesome!! Thank you!!! This game is perfect; not frustrating at all! The bonus items & damage objects are a great add, making it much more like a non-learning game. It's helped me a ton already!

  • Pau Reply

    Thank you for this! I'm currently finding it frustrating because there's too many things to do!!! T_T But it's fun, thank you!

  • Momo Reply

    Hmm I can't seem to download this...it just comes up with a window with loads of script in it! Thanks for making this though! 🙂

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      What system are you trying to download it for? Can you try a different computer?

  • christina Reply

    I think this is really cool.

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