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When someone asks why you're learning Korean | Comedy Skit

I met up with 샘물 from the YouTube channel "Your Korean Saem" and we filmed this comedy skit together. The idea was a Korean learner who is a bit embarrassed to explain why they're learning Korean.

As a Korean teacher, I interact with learners who are interested in Korean for a variety of reasons - everything from Korean music to other media, to the country itself, or simply to the language. Whatever your reason, it's wonderful that so many people are interested in Korean and studying it.

So I wanted to make a funny skit about how although it might be common these days for most people to start learning Korean because of K-pop, that it doesn't really matter as long as you're interested in Korean. And keep in mind that Native Korean speakers are more than happy to know that you're trying to learn their language.

Always remember, it’s okay to learn Korean no matter your reason. You can do it! Keep calm, and study Korean!

One thought on “When someone asks why you're learning Korean | Comedy Skit

  • laurens1232

    The first 5 seconds are gold. Totally true.


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