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Why you need to know Formal Speech | Korean FAQ

I've seen many beginners who are learning Korean misuse 나 ("I," "me") together with the 니다 form (such as 입니다).

A common example could be this sentence, 나는 빌리입니다. While it grammatically makes sense, and there are situations where it can be used correctly, for the most part it's used incorrectly by learners and should be avoided completely.

Here's my explanation why it's wrong, how it may be used, and how to avoid making this mistake.

2 thoughts on “Why you need to know Formal Speech | Korean FAQ

  • sivani s lloyd

    I am taking online classes in Korean and find your videos super helpful. Thank you. Have your beginning book as well! Sivani

  • Jim L Elliott

    Your videos help clear up many topics that are not covered in formal classes. Your insight is much appreciated.


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