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모양이다 - Intermediate Grammar | Korean FAQ

One of my special Patreon supporters requested that I make a video about 모양이다. However, this grammar form is a bit more advanced than most Korean learners, so I didn't want to put it in the "Learn Korean" series which is normally geared toward beginners. Since making the "Korean FAQ" series I have a lot more freedom with the type of content I can make, so I felt it would be perfect to finally cover 모양이다 in detail.

If you'd like to see more grammar lessons like this for intermediate or even advanced topics in the Korean FAQ series, let me know! I listen to feedback, and take suggestions for new videos (and live streams).

What do you think about this grammar form? Will you ever use it yourself? Let me know in the comments here on my web site or on the video - I read both.

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