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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #61: Counting Part 1

This episode will be the first in a 3-episode group that teaches about numbers. First we'll learn about Sino Korean numbers, then Pure Korean numbers, and then how to use both systems to count everything we want.

Remember that these videos go in order, so start from the beginning if you're new to this series.

2 thoughts on “Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #61: Counting Part 1

  • 로히트

    Hey Billy sorry for distrubing Today I completely reading "Korean made Simple3" So what should I do next???
    It's was really great journey until now learning Korean trough Korean Made Simple book series and the Korean Made Simple book series is really amazing and now I can say "저는 빌리 선생님의 학생입니다.

    • Billy

      I think after KMS 3, you can start using any other resources you'd like. I designed KMS 3 to bring someone up to a level where they can go off to any other resources, so I made sure to include the most important grammar forms (but not all) that you'll need to begin the intermediate level. Another good series you can check out is TTMIK's higher level lessons. Also make sure you have several pen pals to practice with - this will be the most important thing to you now, even more than regular studying. And of course you can review the lessons in the books if you're not comfortable with something. You can also check out some resources I have here: Good luck in your studies~!


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