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Billy Go’s Korean Conversation Course | #1: Weather – 날씨

It's time for a BRAND NEW COURSE! If you've already learned the basics (such as with my Beginner Korean Course), or you just want to start jumping into 100% real, native-level, and natural Korean conversations, then what are you waiting for? Try my new free course, "Korean Conversation Course."

This free course will have 20 episodes, each with full explanations of grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. It also includes plenty of spoken-only language - the kind of stuff you'll only hear in real conversations, and not in most courses. Because of that, I recommend that you already have a basic understanding of the language before starting this course so that you can get the most out of it.

Each week I'll be posting one new lesson, for the next 19 weeks until the course is finished. There's also a book version of this course with 5 extra conversations, but this video course is free and does not require anything else to use it.

One thought on “Billy Go’s Korean Conversation Course | #1: Weather – 날씨

  • What a great lesson! So many grammar points reviewed (or learned for my case:) The preparation for this lesson must have been extensive, thank you for taking the time... the result is outstanding!
    Thank you very much!


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