Fix Your Korean Mistakes with “Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make”

My new Korean book is now available!

I worked together with TalkToMeInKorean for over a full year (!) to create a book to help fix the 100 most common Korean mistakes.

It covers mistakes with grammar, vocabulary, phrases, nuance, and much more. Most of these mistakes I made myself while learning Korean, and all of them are commonly found among Korean learners everywhere.

Have you ever said "I'm sorry" in Korean (죄송해요) after hearing that someone failed their test, only to get a blank stare? How about using the Object Marker (을/를) too frequently in the same sentence? Or, have you tried to tell someone to bring an umbrella because it's raining (비가 와서)? You'll find these mistakes, along with 97 more in this book, "Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make." Find them. Fix them. Polish your Korean further toward perfection.

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