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Our Most Embarrassing Korean Mistakes (feat. Abby P)

I hung out again with Abby P, a YouTuber who lives in Korea and teaches English. On her YouTube channel she teaches about Korean culture, the language, and her experiences living in the country. So go give her a 'hi' and tell her I sent you.

In my 14 years of learning Korean, I've made a lot of mistakes. Most of them happened when I was a beginner... but not all of them. Mistakes just happen and we do our best to avoid them so we don't repeat them. But the first time we make mistakes, they can be very memorable. And hearing others' mistakes reminds me of when I was first learning, so I totally understand when others make these sort of mistakes.

So Abby P and I shared our most embarrassing mistakes, as well as some of the embarrassing mistakes we've heard other learners make. Check out the video here~!

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