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How to Pronounce ㅅ and ㅆ | Korean FAQ

When I first went to Korea, I was staying in the city of Busan. Busan is not only famous for its weather and seafood, but also its dialect. Specifically in Busan dialect, one of the features is not distinguishing strongly between the ㅅ and ㅆ vowel - it's common to simply pronounce both of them as ㅅ. Any differences can be understood through the context. Because of this, I also ended up not being able to pronounce ㅆ clearly due to not hearing it distinctly enough during my time in Busan. But that changed when I started a YouTube channel, and realized I needed to improve my Korean in order to teach it effectively. So I started paying attention more to how I pronounced words, and improving how I said ㅆ as well as other sounds. In this video I'll share all of my personal tips I've gathered over the years for how to distinguish ㅅ and ㅆ.

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