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Korean Fried Chicken at the Han River | 한강에서 치킨 먹기

치느님 is a funny, casual word for "chicken god" in Korean, and is used to refer to how amazingly wonderful fried chicken tastes. And I have to agree with the creation of this word. Korean fried chicken is as good as it gets. There's the plain, crispy kind, and also there are kinds marinated in different flavors. The marinated type are my favorite... but that changes on a day to day basis. And together with Korean chicken you also get cubes of pickled radish, which help to remove any greasy taste you'd normally get from any fried chicken. It's a wonderful combination that has yet to be beat.

I'm no stranger to Korean fried chicken (which IMO is the best fried chicken in the world), but I'd never eaten it before at the most famous location - the Han River. Koreans get together to eat chicken and relax on a picnic mat in front of the Han River whenever the weather's right. And this day the weather was... well, a bit cloudy. But that didn't stop me. I grabbed my friend and traveled there and ordered a box of half plain, half marinated, and enjoyed the afternoon. I also brought along my camera to film some of the area. The Han River is... a river, but it's nice and peaceful with plenty of space to walk around, have a picnic, and hang out with friends. It's kind of like a gigantic public park. Check it out if you have any free time, and make sure to bring some chicken.

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