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Korean RPG: How to Order Food

Here's the very first episode of "Korean RPG," a series for learning quick and easy Korean words and phrases for a variety of situations.

In this week's episode, we'll cover how to order food in a restaurant.

Check out the video below! You can also review using the RPG's dialogue written out underneath the video.

아... 정말 배고파. (a... jeong-mal bae-go-pa.)
Ah... I'm so hungry.

뭐 먹지? (mwo meok-ji?)
What do I eat?

아! 여기 뭐 있는지 볼까? (a! yeo-gi mwo in-neun-ji bol-kka?)
Ah! Should I see what's here?

저기요! (jeo-gi-yo!)
Excuse me!

네, 뭐 드릴까요? (ne, mwo deu-ril-kka-yo?)
Yes, what can I get you?

샌드위치 2개 하고요... (saen-deu-wi-chi du-gae ha-go-yo...)
2 sandwiches and...

사이다 주세요. (sa-i-da ju-se-yo.)
... a soda, please.

그리고 치킨 1마리도 주세요. (geu-ri-go chi-kin han ma-ri-do ju-se-yo.)
And give me a chicken too, please.

김치도 많이 주세요. (gim-chi-do ma-ni ju-se-yo.)
Give me a lot of kimchi too, please.

그리고 라면도 하나요. (geu-ri-go ra-myeon-do ha-na-yo.)
And a ramen.

네, 알겠습니다. (ne, al-get-seum-ni-da.)
Okay, I got it.

아! 음식이 너무 많다! (a! eum-si-gi neo-mu man-ta!)
Ah! There's too much food!

그래도 먹을 수 있어! (geu-rae-do meo-geul su i-seo!)
Still, I can eat it!

아, 배부르다! (a, bae-bu-reu-da!)
Ah, I'm full!

계산해 주세요! (gye-san-hae ju-se-yo!)
Please total up the bill!

90,000원입니다. (gu-man-won-im-ni-da.)
That'll be 90,000 won.

저... 돈이 좀 부족한 거 같아요. (jeo... don-i jom bu-jok-an geo ga-ta-yo.)
I... don't have enough money.

뭐라고요! (mwo-ra-go-yo!)

저기, 누구 있어요? (jeo-gi, nu-gu i-seo-yo?)
Is anyone there?

점심 시간입니다. (jeom-sim si-gan-im-ni-da.)
It's lunch time.

아! 정말 배고파요! 점심은 뭐예요? (a! jeong-mal bae-go-pa-yo! jeom-sim-eun mwo-ye-yo?)
Ah! I'm so hungry! What's lunch?

어디 보자.... (eo-di bo-ja....)
Let's see....

샌드위치 2개 하고 사이다 하나... (saen-deu-wi-chi du-gae ha-go sa-i-da ha-na...)
2 sandwiches and a soda...

그리고 치킨 1마리하고 김치... (geu-ri-go chi-kin han ma-ri-ha-go gim-chi...)
And a chicken with kimchi...

아, 그리고 라면도 있네요. (a, geu-ri-go ra-myeon-do in-ne-yo.)
Ah, and hey there's ramen too.

아! 식당에서 주문한 것과 똑같잖아! (a! sik-dang-e-seo ju-mun-han geot-gwa ttok-gat-ja-na!)
Ah! That's the same stuff I ordered at the restaurant!

6 thoughts on “Korean RPG: How to Order Food

  • Is this a game or a video?

    • It's both, but the game was only created for these videos.

  • justinquill

    Loved this this episode, and it'll come in super handy when I go back to my favourite Korean restaurant . Awesome Billy, just awesome! 🙂

  • miloudsaria

    hello thank you for the lesson you have good way of explaining that make this lessons easy to understand and if you make an mp3 of the dialogue that can we listen to it over and over that will be great I hope you do that soon thanks

  • Awesome.

    I wonder if you are gonna release this game?

    • Maybe in the future I'll release a game, but for now it's just for teaching topics 🙂


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