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Learn Korean Ep. 78: “Worth Doing”

So today Keykat and I made a bet to see who could get to the fountain at the park the fastest. Of course, I can run much faster than Keykat can (I think), so there's no way she'll win (or is there?). Anyway, I can't wait for Keykat to buy me lunch once I win!

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3 thoughts on “Learn Korean Ep. 78: “Worth Doing”

  • Erik Abreu

    I have a question, what if I want to say something it's not worth doing?

    • You can simply make 만하다 negative - as 만하지 않다. (만하지 않아요 for example).

  • miloudsaria

    today I didn't recieve email notification for this lesson I was waiting thank god I subscribe notifications in your facebook page thanks


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