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Korean-Speaking Jeremy Makes & Devours Watermelon Hwachae 수박화채

My son Jeremy is 7 years old, and speaks both Korean and English. You may have seen him in one or two of my videos in the past, but recently he started asking me to let him appear in more videos together. For this video he wanted to make watermelon punch (수박화채), which is made of watermelon, lemon/lime soda, and various fruits. I think I appear in this video for less than a minute. Most of it he did himself as you can see, except for cutting the watermelon which I did for him, as well as all of the cleanup afterwards.

One thought on “Korean-Speaking Jeremy Makes & Devours Watermelon Hwachae 수박화채

  • Elaine

    I love watching Jeremy, reminds me a lot of when my kids were this age. Children can teach us so much; viewing the world through their eyes. So grateful you can share these precious times with us. He will make a great brother (hint!)
    Ps watching Jeremy reminds me not to give up learning Korean


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