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Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 31] – Intermediate Korean (Listening Practice)

If you're preparing for the TOPIK, or just any sort of Korean test, then this series is for you. In my "Korean Test Practice" series you can practice a variety of questions ranging from Beginner to Advanced. This week's question is for Intermediate level learners.

There are currently 31 episodes in this series, so if you'd like to really challenge yourself (and if you're advanced level), then why not try practicing all 31 of them in a row?

Here is the listening example:

여러분 안녕하세요. 저는 지금 가족과 소풍을 와 있어요. 여기 어디인지 아세요? 네, 맞아요. 요즘 인기 있는 곰의 스카프 공원이에요. 앗! 안돼 까치! 언니 지금 방송 중이잖아. 까치야 인사해. 아, 뭐야. 인사하라니까 바로 가버렸네. 네. 까치는 저희 집 막내예요. 지난달에 2살 됐어요. 원래 여기 애견 운동장이 같이 있다고 해서 까치도 데리고 왔는데 다른 강아지들이랑 잘 못 놀길래 그냥 저희랑 같이 놀고 있어요. 저기 뒤에 보이는 두 분이 저희 엄마랑 아빠예요. 2시간째 낚시 중이신데 아빠는 아직 한 마리도 못 잡으셨어요. 네, 맞아요. 여기 텐트도 설치할 수 있고 바비큐 그릴도 쓸 수 있어서 정말 좋은 것 같아요. 네. 텐트 쓰려면 무조건 예약해야 돼요. 다음 주에 또 예약 오픈하니까 그때 성공하세요! 앗, 저는 언니가 저녁 혼자 준비한다고 화내고 있어서 이만 가볼게요. 여러분 안녕!

Here is the English translation:

Hello everyone. Now I am on a picnic with my family. Do you know where we are? Yes, that’s right. This is the recently popular Bear’s Scarf Park. Ah! No, Magpie! I’m broadcasting (streaming) right now. Say hi, Magpie. Ah, come on. I asked it to say hi and she just left right away. All right. Magpie (dog) is the youngest in our family. She turned 2 last month. Originally one of the reasons I brought Magpie here is because there’s a dog playground at the park, but she didn’t get along well with other dogs so she’s just playing with us. The two people you see behind are my mom and dad. My dad’s been fishing now for 2 hours but he hasn’t caught even one fish yet. Yes, that’s right. You can put up tents here and use a barbecue grill, so I think it’s really nice. Yes. If you want to use a tent, you must make a reservation. Next week, reservations open again so get it (reservation) then! Ah, I should go now because my older sister said she’s preparing dinner all by herself, and is getting mad. Bye everyone!

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