Live Korean Classes

Korean Verb Endings (~네요, ~지/죠, ~나요, ~군요, ~거든요, ~잖아요, ~고요) | Live Class Abridged

A few months ago when I started live streaming Korean classes, I knew that not everyone would be able to watch them. It completely depended on whether a person had the time and ability to arrive for the classes. Although the live streams are all available on my YouTube page and can be watched at any time, not everyone has 2+ hours to review videos at once. And I was uploading a new live stream every single week, so it would be impossible to catch up if you missed a week or two.

To combat that, I decided to upload abridged, edited versions of each live Korean class to YouTube. These include all of the lesson contents from each live stream, minus all audience interaction and chatting. You can re-watch these abridged versions for a quick review, anytime, and in less than 20 minutes. Each week or two I'll be uploading another abridged video from a previous live stream.

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