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Korean VR Cafes (feat. Jinyoung)

VR cafes are a new trend in Korea from a year or so ago, and this summer I really saw a lot of places while traveling around. "Cafes" are everywhere in Korea, and there are various kinds from pet cafes where you can have a cup of coffee together with animals (cats, dogs, raccoons, etc.), book cafes where you can read while drinking something, and VR cafes where you can play virtual reality games - from normal virtual reality games to games that require special equipment and facilities. And because there are plenty of companies currently running VR cafes in Korea, you don't have to travel to one specific location or city to visit one.

Overall, it's quite expensive to visit a VR cafe. Think of it like visiting a theme park, minus the expensive food. But if you're able to, it was a unique experience I haven't found anywhere else.

This was not a sponsored video and we weren't given anything for visiting the VR cafe you'll see. I don't have anything against sponsored videos, but I've typically avoided them because I know they can influence a more positive review. What you see are our honest reactions of what we do.

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