Korean Culture and Language - Q&A

Learn About Korean Names

Have you ever wondered why so many Koreans have the last names 김 (Kim), 이 (Lee), 박 (Park), and 최 (Choi)? Have you wondered what Korean names mean, and how they're structured, and what exactly makes a Korean name... well, Korean? I'll cover all of these questions and more in this week's Q&A video.

Feel free to send in your own questions and they might be featured in an upcoming video.

Also I have a special announcement to make. Next week I will be launching the Kickstarter project for "Korean Made Simple 3,"  the third and final book in the series. It's looking to be the best book of the series in many ways. In addition to having a new 20 lessons, there'll also be a full appendix on Korean dialects and more, so stay tuned for its launch (coming very soon!).

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