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Let’s eat 보쌈!

Most visitors to Korea, and most people who are familiar with Korean culture, know something about Korean BBQ. Typically, two common types of Korean barbecued meat are 삼겹살 (pork belly - bacon) and 갈비 (ribs). But there's one more type of Korean meat - and it's not barbecued - that I think wins the competition. It's 보쌈.

There are a few types of 보쌈, but typically it's made using 삼겹살, but instead of frying it, it's boiled. Boiled pork doesn't sound too appetizing, but the way that it's boiled is what sets it apart as something truly unique. The broth that it's made in is filled with ingredients that give it a very aromatic smell (peppers, onion, garlic, etc.). These ingredients also help to remove the oily, fatty smell that pork can often have when cooked regularly. In this way, boiling it gives it a much better, richer flavor than frying.

Another benefit of 보쌈 is that it's pre-cooked. This is a true benefit because it means you can relax 100% while enjoying it - no need to cook your own food. And because it's boiled, it doesn't quickly get cold and rubbery like 삼겹살 if it's not eaten immediately. 보쌈 tastes great even when eaten slowly.

보쌈 is made to be enjoyed by wrapping it in lettuce with other ingredients, similar to eating 삼겹살. I'd say this is one of the healthiest Korean meats that you can eat too, because if you eat it the right way with other vegetables and by wrapping it, you're really not eating that much meat. Overall, this is one of my top foods ever in Korea, and I couldn't recommend it more if you get a chance to try it.

Check it out in the video here~!

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