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Learn Korean Ep. 74: “Do it”

So my friend Jieun was getting married, and me and Keykat were invited!

I had no idea where the wedding hall was, but fortunately Keykat had drawn a map.

But now it's getting dark and I'm not sure if I'm reading this map correctly....

Anyway, in this episode you'll learn how to make commands in Korean - for example, how to say "do something" to someone else. Specifically, you'll learn about the form (으)세요, as well as a few other ways to make commands.

Remember that there are free PDFs available for every "Learn Korean" episode, and each contains additional information or examples not covered in the video.

Check out the episode here!

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One thought on “Learn Korean Ep. 74: “Do it”

  • miloudsaria

    it's useful for beginners but too bad I'm no longer learning korean good luck


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