Live Korean Classes + Membership Announcement

Thanks for being a follower of my content and Korean lessons. Today I have a special announcement, that I'll be starting live Korean classes on YouTube.

These will be completely free, interactive, and will be a chance for you to practice and ask questions about what you're learning.

My very first class will be this Saturday (late morning or early afternoon), but the date/time could change depending on what fits most people's schedules.

I've also begun channel memberships through YouTube. This is another way to support me (separate from Patreon or other methods) that's directly through YouTube. You'll get badges for your name, and special emotes that only members can use in the chat. You'll also get special member-only posts in the Community tab of my channel (outtakes, polls, and more content).

Memberships are completely optional, and just something I wanted to do because it goes together with live streams. Please note that you don't have to pay me anything at all. I already love what I do and will keep doing it. Memberships (as well as my Patreon page) are for people who want to support me monetarily, but just watching my videos and subscribing is also supporting me. I appreciate all of you.

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback here, or send me a message (on my Contact page).

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