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Spicy Baby Octopus - JUGGUMI (주꾸미)

Juggumi (주꾸미) is also known as "baby octopus," "short arm octopus," or "octopus ocellatus." It's served chopped into large pieces, and is hot and spicy. It also comes with cabbage and some other spices to help fill you up.

It is spicy. It is really spicy. When a Korean tells you "this food is spicy," usually it will be spicy. However, it often will not be extremely spicy, nor will it be as spicy as many Mexican foods or some Thai foods. However, Juggumi is a really spicy dish, and it only gets hotter as you continue to eat it.

But I found a restaurant that makes fantastic Juggumi. It's spicy, slightly sweet, and tastes wonderful. Although the spices were burning my mouth the entire time, I kept wanting more. Check it out here~

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