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What is 가심비? | Korean Language Trends Ep. 5

A very common and old word in Korean - but what was once a 신조어 (a newly-coined word) - is 가성비. 가성비 is an abbreviation of 격 대비 능의 비율 meaning "price to performance ratio." This is a standard, essential word for anyone who speaks Korean.

However, more recently there have been a few variations of this word popping up, and the most common of those (although still not extremely common yet) is 가심비 - which uses 심 from the Chinese character meaning "heart" or "mind." Wondering what it means? Check out the episode I made about it.

Are there any new Korean words that you're hearing used, and wonder what they mean? Let me know! You might see it featured in a future episode of the Korean Language Trends series.

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