(Updated) A free Hangul typing practice game - New Version

Last month I made a free game for practicing typing Hangul, and I promised to add updates and new features to it. Well, I re-made the entire game from scratch, and improved on every part of it that I could. I'd still like to add more features, if there's interest in the game.

Here's a trailer of the updated game.

It's the year 2020 and the Hangul Aliens have invaded the planet. Fortunately for us, they have a weakness - the modern Korean keyboard. Can you save earth from disaster?

How to play:

Type the letters on your keyboard as they fall from the sky. If you make a mistake, a meteor will fall down. You can shoot meteors with your turret, using the space bar. Any letters or meteors that hit the floor will drain your life.

If you don't know where the keys are on the keyboard, you can press Escape at any time to show an interactive keyboard and pause the game.

Remember that some letters also require the shift key.

There are 5 levels: consonants only, vowels only, consonants and vowels, a master mode, and a words mode. In master mode, letters will continue to fall more frequently and faster over time, making it more difficult the longer you play. There is no time limit in master mode, so try to score as high as you can. In the words mode, words will fall more frequently and faster over time, and there is no time limit; in addition, meteors will only fall if a word touches the ground, so be careful and make sure to type every word completely to avoid losing additional health.

There are also a variety of falling items that you can shoot: health packs will restore some of your health, comets will slow down falling objects temporarily, nuclear bombs will destroy all letters and meteors on the screen, and power ups will increase the speed and effectiveness of your turret.

If you need a refresher on how to play, check out the Tutorial on the main menu.

Download the game here:

Click here to download for Windows.

Click here to download for OSX (Mac).

Click here to download for Linux.

Updated 1/11/2017:

  • New game mode: Words. Meteors fall when letters touch the ground. Completed words give 5 points per letter. Contains 300+ common words.
  • Added a tutorial (in the main menu), along with a new music track.
  • New power-up: Bonus Time. During Bonus Time, all points are doubled.
  • Game window is now re-sizable for both large and small monitors.
  • Bug fix: Weapon power-ups only drop if player is not already at full level.
  • Bug fix: Fixed power-up timers to create a more natural game flow (instead of several dropping at once).
  • Pau Reply

    Thank you for this! I'm currently finding it frustrating because there's too many things to do!!! T_T But it's fun, thank you!

  • Momo Reply

    Hmm I can't seem to download this...it just comes up with a window with loads of script in it! Thanks for making this though! 🙂

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      What system are you trying to download it for? Can you try a different computer?

  • christina Reply

    I think this is really cool.

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